Damien Redecki

Damien Redecki

Web & Product Freelance Designer in WorldWideWeb


Hey, Damien here! I’m Website & Product Freelance Designer, playing with no-code [Framer]. With 15 years on the field and hundreds projects on my hard drive [or on the cloud these days], I’m here to help your early-stage startup with 0 → 1 journey.

I specialize in digital experience, telling users your story from beginning [think quick no-code landing] to delightful product [money printer go BRRR]. Focused on business side, far beyond pixels. I believe honest & no-bs communication is bedrock [hello Minecraft friends] of any valuable partnership.

After hours [or after client work]? Ex figma geek, now framer nerd! Always building new things — from apple shortcuts to small products. Always trying new stuff — from hot testflights to yummy food abroad.

TL;DR I’m available for website & product design work. Reach out and let’s build something together!

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→ +48 502 230 124


Mimir [website]

Mimir is an AI sales engineer for API-first products. It streamlines the way customers and teams comprehend and incorporate products.

Bartek Pucek is one of the biggest polish investors. He asked tonik team to create a landing for his new idea. I was responsible for the visual direction and the website design.

Bubble [website]

Bubble is the world’s only full-stack, no-code platform. Together with tonik team, we decided to pitch them website and product redesign.

Our goal was to make the visual language more playful and engaging. The landing page communicate bubble capabilities from the start.

Unfreeze [website]

Unfreeze is a game-fi toolbox for Web3 games. Think minting and renting NFTs, sharing profits, creating wallets and marketplaces.

I designed a fresh brand, landing page and pitch deck. Everything they need to start looking for partnerships and investors. Made for tonik studio.

Courted [website / product]

Courted is social network and AI-powered talent solutions for real estate agents.

Collaboration with tonik lasted for almost 2 years. I led the team of 3 designers. I helped develop visual direction, MVP, and the mobile app. After that, Courted raised $6 million for further growth.

Saturn [product]

Saturn was an early-stage startup. It aimed to centralize data access and speed up collaboration for product teams.

I helped them shape the idea of MVP. I set the visual direction and designed key product flows. Custom-made dashboards and search were a crucial part of user experience. Made for tonik studio.

Upchoose [website / product]

Upchoose rent organic, essential baby clothes for 80% less than retail prices.

I worked with founder hand in hand. My job was to explain the product as simple as possible to busy moms. I set the visual direction, designed the website and product. Made for tonik studio.

lemon.markets [website / product]

lemon.markets API enable to launch a customer-centric and compliant investment product.

I have been working with founder since the beginning. I created the initial MVP and website. On top of that, I was helping with decks and any design issues. Done with tonik team.

Kafene [product]

Kafene is a mission driven startup with the goal of empowering flexible ownership.

I worked on redesigning the product that merchants use. I started with brainstorming sessions with client on site. Then, I designed the product and a simple design system. My work helped with both short-term and long-term project goals. Made with tonik studio.

Twilio Segment [website / product / design system]

Segment is the world's leading Customer Data Platform. Acquired by Twilio for $3.2 billion [biggest YC startup exit].

In the summer of '19, I started a lasting partnership. I led the tonik design squad [up to 5 designers]. We worked with the Segment team on branding, marketing, product, and Evergreen design system.

Chili Piper [product / design system]

Chili Piper allows to qualify, route, and schedule leads from anywhere

I led a design team of 3 at tonik. We set up strong design basics for Chili Piper product. Working closely with founders, we designed many brand new products and features.

Work Experience

2020 — 2023

Led a diverse team of 30+ creatives in product, web design, branding, and no-code. Oversaw team direction, recruitment, growth, and events.

2021 — 2022

Taught around 40 young folks how to design landing pages that work, from scratch. Created a small Slack community to help them out.

2016 — 2020

Worked with hottest startups out there [Segment, Chili Piper, Onerent, and much more]. Focused on product design and web design projects.

2015 — 2016

Created websites and products for many well-known Polish brands [Ministry of Economy, PGNiG, Santander Bank, and much more].

2010 — 2015
Founder & Designer at

Co-founded 2 design agencies [Robocza2 & Two Dots]. Played with everything back then — from branding, thru web design, to development.

Side Projects


Personal instagram-like www to track my journey to first marathon ever; wish me luck [done]!


Tonik & WaysConf

Another year, another sunny weekend in Kraków! The only design conference you need to attend with our twist to it. This time we built scaffolding, published a newspaper and I was on stage with my talk.

Tonik Design Meetup vol.02

TDM is a cyclical meeting organized in Poznań. All this to meet people, talk and build friendships. An excuse to talk! In addition, of course, we want to exchange knowledge and invite designers (and not only) from all over Poland.


Tech layoffs are now a part of everyday news. AI is making designers question their future. Just thinking about landing your first job is stressful. To make life of Juniors easier we organised another TDA.

Tonik & DesignWays

Great people, good vibes, and endless discussion around work and beyond. DesignWays is the place to be. We bring our A game as the main partner this year — branding, no-code path, 2 talks, and a lot of #toniklove.

Tonik Design Meetup

3 talks that won’t drag on forever. 1 debate on whatever’s trending. And all for the design community (and beyond). We had the best time ever! It was great to see all the folks in one place and then took them all to źródło.bar.

Tonik Design Academy vol.02

That's right. All of us can point out some courses or people who helped us learn design. And we wanted to be the ones. Four mentors and 16 Junior Product Designers solved real design challenges and exchanged practical knowledge.

Tonik Design Academy vol.01

Tonik Design Academy was a weekend workshop hosted at tonik HQ. We want to give back to the design community and help entry-level designers make their first steps into the industry. No fillers, only practical know-how on the agenda.



Going 0 -> 1 with founder, obsessed with his idea, is one of the Product Designer's most rewarding and challenging experiences. The story about how to work with early-stage and why it is crucial for Product Designers' growth.


Pause /pɑːz/ — a short period in which something such as an activity is stopped before starting again. Let's talk about how today's world fucked us up (or me, at least) and what you can do about it. PS. Based on true events.